9 Tips and Ideas For Kitchens In Small Spaces

9 Tips and Ideas For Kitchens In Small Spaces

The lack of space is one of the problems that most drive our creativity, as we are forced to decorate each and every one of the rooms of our home making the most of every square centimeter. If the space destined to the kitchen is small and you do not feel like thinking about all those solutions that you can put into practice to take advantage of it, I recommend you to pay attention to what I mention in this article, since I share tips and ideas for kitchens in small spaces that are ideal for making life in the kitchen without going through burdens.

Kitchens In Small Spaces

Custom furniture

It is true that custom-made furniture is more expensive than furniture that has a standard size. However, you should consider for kitchens in small spaces that it is an investment that will not take long to thank, since having furniture that fits perfectly with the available space is full of advantages. That benefits? More storage than you imagined, more space to move around the kitchen, etc.

All on one front

The issue of distribution is the most important of all when it comes to taking advantage of a kitchens in small spaces. The result can change radically depending on the distribution, so we must opt for the one that allows us to take better advantage of the available space. Normally the recommended thing is that everything goes on a single front, on the wall. However, it is likely that not everything fits on the wall, so you should consider other options such as an “L” shaped kitchen or two fronts facing each other.

Minimalist decoration

The decorative style you want for your kitchen is something very personal that largely depends on the decoration you have chosen for the rest of your home. However, if few square meters are available, there is nothing like opting for minimalism, which as you well know allows you to live in clear environments where there is no sense of overwhelm that does exist in those who accumulate objects and desoren.

Storage to hide everything

If your kitchen is small you should forget about the idea of having all the kitchen accessories in sight. That is very good when the space is large enough so that it does not convey the feeling of disorder and oppression that I just mentioned mentioning the minimalist decoration. In small spaces the ideal is that everything is well-kept, for which you will have to devise storage solutions such as those that rotating furniture can give you, which are able to adapt to very small spaces to offer you an extra storage adapting to any corner.

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Kitchens In Small Spaces

Furniture that moves

Did you know that mobile furniture exists? They are not what we usually see in stores, but the truth is that more and more people are opting for this option, since it allows you to play with the distribution of the kitchen to carry out various functions without the space being a problem. For example, a mobile furniture can be a great help to prepare food right next to the countertop, but in turn can also become the perfect breakfast table placed right at the other end of the kitchen. Keep reading http://spottingit.com/reviews/the-evolution-of-the-kitchen/

Recommended colors

There are colors that feel better to a small kitchen for reasons of spaciousness. A dark tone will never help the kitchen look bigger than it really is, while a light tone can always achieve that effect. That is why white is usually the choice of most interior designers who see themselves in a project of decorating a small floor, as it is a color that combines a thousand wonders with other colors.


This is another aspect that plays with our visual perception. A well-lit kitchen will always look bigger than other kitchens in small spaces that is poorly lit. In addition, a neutral or cold color temperature is the most recommended in that sense, since a too cozy (yellowish) light temperature will produce the opposite effect to the one we are looking for.

Kitchens In Small Spaces

Home appliances

As far as home appliances are concerned, the ideal is that they are well distributed throughout the kitchen, since placing them all together can produce a feeling of overwhelm. In the same way, the most recommended colors are white and silver, which is undoubtedly a classic. Those with striking colors, they do to divert the view and break the color continuity that allows to expand spaces visually, so they are not what you should place in your kitchen if it is small no matter how much you like.

What if I hide the kitchen?

In very small apartments where the kitchen is part of the living room, it is not a bad idea that the kitchen is on one front and can be hidden behind a sliding door. In this way, it will only be visible when we need it, something that is appreciated while you are in the living room.

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