Look out for these signs of a leaking window

Look out for these signs of a leaking window

A leaking window can be an inconvenient expense – but are your windows leaking, or are they just damaged?

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Here are two signs of a leaking window.

Moisture or puddles

One of the main indicators of a leaking window is a puddle on the floor underneath – but moisture can also be an indicator, especially if it is only raining lightly. If you see moisture or puddles, you should arrange for someone to fix the windows, as this could lead to water damage, which can be very expensive to fix!


Mould is another indicator that your windows are leaking. Look for mould underneath the frames or at the sides of the windows.

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What is causing the leak?

Window leaks can be caused by a range of different things, especially if the windows are very cold. Extreme temperatures, such as freezing weather, can damage glass, and over time, this can result in cracks that cause leaks.

Here are three of the main causes of window leaks.

Installation issues

Poorly installed windows may have small breaks in the flashing, and over time, this can cause water infiltration. This is often because the installer uses house wrap or building paper, instead of proper window flashing.

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The house design

The design of your home can also cause leaking windows. If there isn’t much overhang from the roof to protect the windows, it is easier for wind-driven rain to hit the windows and cause problems.

Another design problem that can cause leaking windows is a poorly angled fascia board above the window – make sure it is pointing outwards to direct rain away from the window.

Broken caulking

Leaking windows can also be caused by broken caulking. Look for cracked or damaged glazing putty around the glass seal. This will allow condensation and moisture to get through the window, which can cause a leak.

Finally, it is important to determine where exactly the leak is coming from. This means you will be able to block the leak temporarily, until a professional is able to come around and seal the crack properly. So no more water and puddles inside your house – even if it is pouring down!

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