Tackling Fuel Card Fraud

As the use of fuel cards grows, so too unfortunately does the rate of fuel card fraud. It is important for businesses and fuel card providers to continue to work together to prevent fraud from occurring. Fighting fuel card fraud head on could save a business more than 5% of its fuel costs, so it’s a cause worth fighting for. Fuel cards offer many benefits for businesses which is why their use is increasing. Find out more about Allstar Fuel Cards from Fuel Card Services, suppliers of the Allstar Fuel Cards

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Fraud most commonly occurs as a result of card copying machines or card skimmers. This happens at the transaction point after a small device is installed into the card reader. The criminals then use the information from the genuine card to create a replica. This can cost a business thousands if not identified straight away.

Another way that fraud can occur is a problem known as ‘shoulder surfers’. These people may watch while a driver enters their PIN. HGV drivers have also experienced cab break-ins where card details have been stolen. Often, drivers will write down PIN and card numbers on notes left lying around in their cab and unfortunately, this is easy pickings for thieves.

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A further issue lies in the postal system. As many as 25% of fleet managers report that fuel cards are stolen before being received in the post. This can lead to significant losses if the card is being used without the business even knowing.

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