8 tips to decorate your apartment in black

8 tips to decorate your apartment in black

An apartment in black does not have to be dark or boring. For this, it is essential to take into account some decorative aspects and combine it with other tones. We share some tips to decorate your apartment in black.

If you are bold, sophisticated and elegant … then you have to decorate your apartment in black. The same if you love the formal and even a little the mystery. This tone although it may seem bleak, also has a point of sensuality and prestige. In this article, we will give you some tips so that the decoration is perfect.

When we think of an apartment in black … it does not mean that we will enter the Batman cave or anything like that. Depending on how we decorate and combine it, we can achieve a spectacular effect. Pay attention to these tips to make it perfect.

1. Do not abuse colortips to decorate

Black is very nice, but be careful not to overdo this tone. Why? Because just enter your home you will get depressed. This color looks good when combined with other shades, such as gray, gold, silver, red or white.

2. Paint a wall of blacktips to decorate

If you do not want to create a gloomy and somewhat gloomy environment, we recommend that you only paint one (or at most two) wall of that color. In the event that your living room or bedroom is large and has good natural lighting, you can “give yourself the luxury” of painting all dark. Otherwise, you will have to settle for less so that the stay does not seem even smaller. It is one of the best tips to decorate your apartment in black. Continue reading- How to Choose Sofa According to the Size of your Room

3. Go ahead and paint the ceilingtips to decorate

Maybe you have moved to a house with too high ceilings and you do not like it too much. A proposal, something risky, without a doubt, is to paint them black (even with the beams in white).

If you are not convinced, keep in mind that in this way you will highlight other elements that are in the environment, such as decoration  (especially if it is classical) and that you can play with the height of the ceiling.

4. Use black on accessoriestips to decorate

Suppose you have not encouraged dark painting (for the time being). No problem, because for a black apartment you can also buy furniture or decorative objects in that tone. It is one of the best tips to decorate your apartment in black.

There are tables, chairs, beds, vases, paintings, lamps, sofas and everything that you can think of in this tone. You can combine them with others white, silver or gray to have a more modern and at the same time elegant effect.

5. Choose black fabricstips to decorate

Another idea more interesting to use the black in the decoration is to use it in the different fabrics that you have. For example in curtains, carpets, cushions, bedding, towels or blankets. It is one of the best tips to decorate your apartment in black.

6.Black linestips to decorate

A decorative idea that is increasingly used in an apartment in black is to highlight straight lines with that tone. How? For example, the edge of the windows or the doors, the frame of the pictures, the columns of the walls, the corners, the railing of the staircase, the outline of the furniture of the kitchen or of the cupboard, etc.

In this way, you will have that dark touch in the environments without being too bold or daring. And in addition, it is more than pretty. You can even buy some furniture or decoration items that are white with black borders (for example lamps, cushions, tables) and continue with the same aesthetic.

7. Put a little color on ittips to decorate

Even if you love black and you wear it not only to dress but at home, it is also good to have a bit of color even in a corner of your apartment. In addition to the tones that combine, we recommend that you buy some accessories in green, yellow, orange, violet or pink. In this way, you will not see everything so ‘formal’ and ‘sober’.

8. Do not decorate the whole house equallytips to decorate

An apartment in black does not necessarily have to be completely in this tone. You can choose a single room where the main color is, but the other rooms do not include it. It is one of the best tips to decorate your apartment in black.

You also have the possibility to play with the proportions. For example, if in the room the primary tone is black and the secondary is white … In the bedroom do it the other way around!

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