Living room decoration: how to optimize space

Living room decoration: how to optimize space

Owners of small homes or small apartments can sometimes feel frustrated, but the truth is that small spaces offer much more privacy than larger ones. We share some living room decoration tips.

Small spaces also reduce your family’s ecological footprint and encourage a simpler perspective on possessions. However, dining room decor can be a real challenge that requires precise and careful planning.

Here are some ideas on how to make a beautiful living room dining room decoration small space in pictures:

Decoration living room dining room with large tableLiving room

To optimize the living room decoration, use elements from both spaces and play with the placement of your furniture. There is also software that will allow you to visualize the arrangement of the room and decide more easily the location of your furniture.

Minimalist dining room decorLiving room

Even if it is a single room, you are free to arrange two separate spaces visually using your furniture. If you have a fireplace, for example, you can put your sofa in front of her and so delineate the living room of the dining room.

Open space deco idea with dining room and living roomLiving room

You can place the TV on a TV stand in one of the corners and the coffee table next to the sofa. Put your dining table and chairs a little further behind the sofa with all the other furniture that refers to this part of the space. Keep Reading- TV room design: How to Design Rooms for TV perfectly

Elegant lounge with round table and dining areaLiving room

Color is one of the most versatile design tools. Before placing your furniture, you can refresh the room with a stroke of paint in a color of your choice. Light shades, such as white or pastel colors, will help you visually expand the space. You can also paint the ceiling in a contrasting shade with the walls to “open” the room even further. Choose colors that work well together to create a fluid look.

Space optimize and beautifully decoratedLiving room

Leave a little space between the furniture and the walls. You will lose just a little space, but this arrangement will create an optical illusion of a room much more spacious.

Minimalist dining roomLiving room

You can also use the free space on the walls by putting storage shelves for your books, for example. Replace the large sofa with a two or three seater sofa. Do not sacrifice the size of your dining table or coffee table because they are multifunctional furniture and very comfortable. If you really do not have enough space, opt for a bench instead of chairs and turn it into a comfortable piece of furniture by decorating it with modern cushions.

Interior decorated in Scandinavian styleLiving room

Do not choose small rugs for small spaces. Opt for a large rug instead of several smaller ones. Install your curtains higher than the height of the windows to create an illusion of a higher ceiling. Use different curtains, but close enough like the style for the dining room and living room. Avoid mess and overload of furniture or decorative details.

Open space with decorative elements in redLiving room

If your space is really very small, our advice for is to arrange the living room in the same line as your dining room. In this way, the piece will give the impression of being much larger than its basic dimensions.

Contemporary space with fireplaceLiving room

But what to do in those cases where you clearly want to separate the two spaces? It’s quite conceivable without the need to clutter your interior space. For this, you can use a library separating your living room and dining room. If you already have a library, you can choose another piece of furniture. And why not a bar?

Living room dining room decorated in black and whiteLiving room

Here is another tip. You can also distinguish the two places in your room by one or two steps. This does not require much but will clearly set a limit between your living room and dining room.

Modern space

To set the two places apart, try turning the sofa back to your dining table. And so, the TV will be at the other end of the room.

Open space with large wooden dining table

For your living room decoration you have the choice between a similar decoration or to adopt two different styles. If you want to unite these two places, then it is better to choose a unified decor. If not, bet on a different decoration while keeping the same style to escape from kitsch and clutter.

Interior decoration in black and white

The light is not to be neglected. If your living room is in a brighter space than your dining room, it will naturally delimit your two spaces in two.

Decoration living room dining room with round glass tableLiving room

As for the colors, we advise you to use the great classics, such as black and white. and focus on natural materials like glass and wood. Do not clutter your room because you may lose space. On the contrary, think of optimizing it by inserting several storage options. Do not miss our article on self-storage tips.

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