How to express your personal essence through decoration

How to express your personal essence through decoration

The connection between decoration and life is a constant if you observe, beyond the aesthetics of a place, the instants of past, present and future life metaphorically written in that space. Therefore, when practicing creativity in decoration, it is recommended that this expressive exercise always be aligned with the essential core of the person. How can you show your personal essence through decoration?


express your personal essence

The better you know yourself, the better your friendship relationships with others. This example can also be projected in the link you establish with your house. Through introspection, you find answers about how you would like it to be an ideal home for you.

To express your personal essence that is also much linked to the stage of life in which you find yourself as it may happen that your current priorities in decoration are different from those you had a while ago. In addition to the passage of time as evolution, your circumstances also influence your decisions.

What are your favorite hobbies? From this information you can also customize your home with details and spaces designed to live at home some of these activities. For example, if reading is one of your hobbies, a library space will be one of the most special places in the home. If you love to travel, you can be inspired by the theme of travel as a concept of decoration. If fashion is one of your great passions, your dressing room will have a main place in the home. Therefore, specify some points with which you feel identified and decorate to your liking this space that has your own identity.

Identify some of the characteristics of your lifestyle to take home that philosophy that defines you.

Beyond aesthetics

express your personal essence

Surely on more than one occasion you have experienced the sensation of seeing images of magazine houses that seem spectacular to you at a visual level, however, you do not perceive the spaces of those photographs as places where you would like to be and live. Why does this happen? In the field of interior design, decisions are not only measured in images, but also in feelings and emotions.

What feelings and emotions describe the reality of a beautiful house? The illusion, the joy, the calm, the motivation and the hope. Therefore, turn each element into a means to express the beauty of this emotional information to make your life more beautiful in that place.

Express your priorities in the interpretation of space, through the selection of furniture and through the accessories that embellish the style of each room. It always unifies aesthetics with practicality.

The language of flowers

express your personal essence

While there are aspects that can change depending on trends and fashions, there is the value of timeless beauty represented symbolically through the floral details as decoration formulas. In turn, flowers are also a manifestation of emotions and feelings. A decoration with flowers that you can take to your home during all seasons of the year reinterpreting the place from the perspective of each month of the calendar.

Any idea and decorative proposal becomes the only view from the reinterpretation of your personal essence. You can also customize trends with your own look by being true to your style. The better you know yourself, the easier it is for you to choose from the wide range of options and proposals for home decoration products.

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