Four ideas to integrate the gray color in the decoration

Four ideas to integrate the gray color in the decoration

The gray color is one of the most elegant in decoration. A key that can be a good bet as a substitute for black since it brings more light to the place. In addition, this tone also admits different nuances of intensity. How to beautify the different rooms by means of pearl gray as a conductive thread of beauty and harmony?

Bathroom decorated in pearl gray

integrate the gray color

The white and gray binomial forms a perfect tandem in the bathroom decoration through a unified set of light, elegance and beauty. The bathroom is a stay in the house especially cared for. It is possible to add details in gray without making a reform process through the selection of textile products in this tone. That is, the towels can be of this color or have some pattern. In addition, the gray color can also be present in the products of taps, accessories such as the towel rack and the door handles of the cabinets.

How to integrate the gray color in the living room

integrate the gray color

The sofa is one of the main elements of the living room, an element that unifies design and comfort. The gray color of the sofa can become the center of attention of this place. A sofa in gray combined with cushions with chromatic shades that harmonize perfectly with this tone. The combination of gray and pink is another of the successes that you can reinforce in the decoration.

As the shades in gold are a trend in interior decoration, you can also integrate the gray through silver details that decorate the place. For example, a vase of flowers.

How to integrate the gray color in the bedroom

integrate the gray color

The bedroom is a space for rest and personal well-being. A place in which the selection of colors is especially important to choose those tones that increase the calm and relaxation of sleep. Gray is one of those colors aligned with this emotional expression.

A color that can be easily integrated into the bedroom through the choice of bed linen with pearl gray patterns, for example. Also, through the integration of a carpet that protects the soil by providing an extra coat during the winter. As gray can be the protagonist in the living room through the integration of a sofa in this tone, the bed as the main element of this room, can also be described visually through this color.

Integrate the gray color with marble

integrate the gray color

Marble is one of the most elegant materials in decoration. A material that brings majesty to a place from the sobriety of the white with fine veins that color it in gray. A material that can be perfectly integrated in the kitchen. A unique and surprising product that is very versatile. However, it is also important to take care of it properly to encourage its maintenance over time.

In this room of the house you can also add the gray color by means of the selection of crockery products that have some detail in this color tone that reinforces the appetite through the careful presentation of recipes and confectionery products.

Therefore, gray is a color that can be present in all rooms of the house, creating from this element a unified aesthetic in the home. This is a color that by its own characteristics can redefine each place through its presence in small doses as you can see in the example of this selection of images that we shared. Do you like this trend in interior decoration?

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