Things to know before having fitted wardrobes

Things to know before having fitted wardrobes

Storage is the one thing homeowners wish they had more of. If you’re desperate for more storage, then you’re not alone. Cupboards and wardrobes across the UK are bursting at the seams with little room for customisation. A simple solution is to get more storage from built-in wardrobes. These create more space and come in a wide variety of sizes and finishes.

Here are some points to consider before you have fitted wardrobes installed:

  1. More space

Freestanding wardrobes are restrictive, creating gaps above and to the sides that can’t be used for anything useful. A fitted wardrobe is tailored to the full height of your room, even if your room is an awkward shape, meaning zero wasted space and a workable solution for all your belongings.

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  1. A great investment

Unfortunately, if you move, you won’t be able to take a fitted wardrobe with you like a freestanding one. However, the upside is that the cost of the wardrobe will be recouped in an increased asking price, as buyers are desperately seeking storage solutions.

  1. Something for every budget

There are many styles and price ranges to choose from, whatever your budget. Whether you choose a mass-produced retailer or a bespoke design from a niche company, there is something for every home and budget. For Bespoke Wardrobes Hampshire, visit Lamco.

  1. Doors and space

Consider the size and shape of your room as well as what you prefer when it comes to choosing doors. For those short on space, bi-folding or sliding doors are a sensible option. Smaller rooms also benefit from mirrored doors, reflecting more light and giving the impression of more space.

  1. Getting ready

Before doing anything, get some measurements. Make sure you have the ceiling height measurements at both ends of the room and the middle, to see if you need to adjust for a sagging ceiling. Ensure the floor is level, especially if you’re having a bespoke wardrobe fitted. Bespoke Wardrobes Hampshire from Lamco can help you with this. Do you have coving or skirting boards? You’ll need to account for these in your measurements.

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  1. Prepping your room

Some preparation will be needed before fitting and it is also not recommended that you decorate before the fitting. All furniture should be removed from the room and if carpet is fitted, it should be rolled back in tha are where the wardrobes will be fitted.

  1. Choose an option that suits your lifestyle

You’ll want the interior of your wardrobe to be just as stunning as the outside, so choose a supplier who can supply the exact range of storage options to meet your needs. Do you have a huge collection of shoes or lots of work suits? Consider whether you need additional hanging space or more shelves, for example. Depending on your requirements, you can install hanging rails, shoe racks, drawers, special lighting and even space for digital media devices.

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