Advantages of a washable rug that you can clean at home

Advantages of a washable rug that you can clean at home

Washable rugs are a great choice to have that decorative element in the home and always look good. You already know that some rugs require professional cleaning due to their material, which is expensive and a procedure that takes time. But with the option of washable rugs, you can do it yourself at home. What will result in economy and your carpet will always look like the first day.

Washable rugs to decorate the home

The textile industry has made great advances and that has allowed us to now have rugs that are washable. They are easily cleaned by hand washing or using the washing machine. The latter, of course, depends on the size. If they are very large, an industrial washing machine is required. But the important thing is that they can be washed at home. The washable rugs so popular today are sized to fit in domestic washing machines. They will be cleaner and you save time and effort to make it

For a long time, we have had the possibility to clean outdoor and indoor carpets, brushing and using soap and water. Of course, this depends on the fabric and the manufacturer’s instructions. Most large carpets require professional cleaning treatment. But now there are those that are resistant and are easily cleaned with detergent and water. Some are so resistant that they can withstand the use of bleach. What is undoubtedly a great advantage?

Washable rugs of different materials

Washable rugs come in different materials, each one more practical and you must choose the one that suits your needs. These are often known as roll rugs because of their size and because they can be purchased in whatever size you need. In addition, they are made of synthetic material and PVC. These materials give it the quality of being resistant, washable, and non-slip.

These are easily washed in the washing machine at a temperature of up to thirty degrees. They must not be centrifuged in any way and must be hung out to dry in the open air. Because they are washed in the washing machine, there are only certain sizes that do not exceed 200 centimeters. Although they are usually in solid colors, they are attractive and go well in many home environments.

There are also washable rugs made of cotton. They are also washed in the washing machine on a delicate cycle, without spinning and with a limit temperature of thirty degrees. They have the great advantage that due to the material, they can be stored and folded. But they have the drawback that they are not slip-resistant. They are perfect to place in small bedroom areas or use for play areas.

And there are also easy-to-wash rugs that are made of vinyl, which have great advantages. But the most important thing is that because of their material, they are easy to clean with ease. Precisely because of their material, they are also easy to dry if something is spilled on them because they are waterproof. Wipe clean with a damp cloth and you’re done. If a deeper cleaning is required and if it is large, the hose can be used. It is essential to always keep in mind that these do not support common cleaning products, they can only be cleaned with soap and water.

Equally practical are those made of polypropylene which is actually the same as vinyl ones. They have the advantage, depending on which one you choose, that they can look like cotton or jute, and others. And like the vinyl ones, it is easy to clean, although since it is braided, it requires a little more care. It can be cleaned with water and a soft cloth, you can also use a damp sponge.

You can also choose between the washable rugs, those made of bamboo, they are cleaned in a 2×3 with a damp cloth. And the chenille calls that are made of polyester and admit to washing well with soap and water. They do not lose shape and dry quickly.

Cleaning your washable carpet at home

The advantage of having a washable rug is that you can wash it in the washing machine. This is cheaper than having it professionally cleaned and is convenient and quicker. They should always be washed using the delicate cycle. And it must be done without exceeding the temperature of thirty degrees Celsius. To clean it, use mild liquid soap and never use bleach, softener, or bleach.

The rug should be washed alone, do not mix it with any other garment. Can be tumble dried on a low tumble setting. But you can also tend to dry in the open air, but do not get the sun. It must be brushed to remove the lint that washing causes in it. Never iron the rug. If you are going to store it, roll it up or fold it and store it in a bag that does not allow moisture to accumulate. If you are going to use it again, put it on and go, it will look great. So you only have to decide on the size, the material and choose that it is washable in order to make the most of it.

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