How to clean oil off the floor

How to clean oil off the floor

It can happen to all of us that we drop a little oil on the floor while we are cooking or, much worse, that we accidentally spill a large amount of bottled oil. If this ever happens to you, don’t panic! By carrying out a series of cleaning tricks it is possible to completely remove both the oil puddle and any possible stains that may remain on the floor. Do you want to discover them and know how to put them into practice? Well, keep reading this article on how to clean oil from the floor.

Steps to follow:

Step: 1

Whatever the space, when you drop oil on the floor, do not try to clean it with soap and water, as you would with any other type of substance, since the mixture of water and oil is totally incompatible and then the task would be much more expensive.

Step: 2

Our recommendation to clean the oil from the floor is to use two products that you can easily find in your kitchen: salt or sugar since both will have the same effect. The first thing you should do is pour a handful of salt or sugar over the oil spilled on the floor so that it absorbs for a few minutes.

Step: 3

After about 15 minutes, you will see how a rather cakey paste has been created, which you should remove with the brush and dustpan, or with a kitchen napkin if the oil spill has not been too large. If necessary, repeat the entire procedure once more. Then, all you have to do is apply a little soap to the floor diluted in hot water with the help of a brush with strong and resistant bristles, and that’s it! Now you can mop the floor as you usually do to make it shiny again.

Step: 4

A home remedy that works very well to clean oil from the floor when it comes to small stains is to use lemon juice. The acid contained in this fruit is ideal for neutralizing the consistency and slippery texture of the oil, which is why it generally gives good results. First, place kitchen paper over the stain so that it absorbs as much oil as possible, and then apply the lemon juice with the help of a sponge and wipe it with a clean, dry cloth.

Step: 5

In the event that these remedies are insufficient to remove the oil from the floor on their own, you can also apply a grease remover spray. These types of products are found in any large supermarket and you must use them strictly following the instructions indicated on the packaging.

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