Different Types of Drain Lining Services

Drain Lining is a very important part of drainage and can be the difference between a leaking sewer system or an efficient drainage system. A properly installed drain lining is essential to make sure that all of your piping is running cleanly and waste water is flowing out of your drains and sewer lines in a sanitary manner. Many times a simple blockage in one or more of your pipes can cause a huge problem with your sewage system, because it means that raw sewage has to flow through many pipes before being eliminated by the main sewer line. This causes raw sewage to build up in your sewage system, which in turn creates a breeding ground for harmful bacteria and germs, which in turn causes disease.

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There are a few different types of pipe lining, but generally they fall into two categories. These are Drain Coating and Drain Linings, like those from Wilkinson Environmental. With a coated pipe, a small amount of metal, like a layer of aluminum, is plated on the inside of the pipe, and the outside of the pipe is left uncured. This type of coating ensures that any liquid or solid materials that make it past the plated area will not corrode the pipe inside. This particular type of drain lining often comes with an installation kit that allows you to apply the coating directly to your plumbing pipes.

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If you need some specific pipe repair or drain cleaning services, then your best bet is to call a professional plumber to give you a quote on the cost of the repairs, along with a detailed estimate of the time it will take to complete the job. Another option is to hire a drain liner company to install the drain liner for you, since most people don’t have the skills needed to do the work.


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