How to Cut Silicone Hoses

How to Cut Silicone Hoses

Silicone is a wonderfully adaptable and resilient material which is extremely versatile when producing hoses for a range of purposes. Silicone hose can be produced in different sizes, and high-grade sterile hygienic hose can be used in food and pharmaceutical applications where hygiene is of major importance.

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The Right Tools

If hosing of a particular length is required, then silicone hoses can be cut to the required dimensions. For a good clean cut, first of all you will need a tape measure to accurately size your hosing. Depending on the thickness of the hose, a clamp may be needed to fix the hose in place and make sure no movement occurs.

Having the right equipment for these tasks generally ensures a better result with a smoother finish. For more tips on the kinds of tools you might need for accurate clamping, cutting and measuring, see this report from The Guardian.

Clean Separation

It’s a good idea to mark your hose at the point where the cut needs to be. Start the cutting by clamping the hose, perpendicular to its centre. Make sure the clamp is applied evenly and is straight before tightening. Make sure your cutting knife, preferably the kind where you can snap off a section for a fresh cutting blade, is sharp. Gently slide the blade into the outer wall of the hose, as guided by the edge of your clamp. Complete cutting through the hose, allowing the clamp edge to guide you.

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This is a good method for cutting hoses of larger dimensions. For smaller, more delicate hoses, a pair of hose cutters may be adequate. After marking the length on the hose, you may be able to snip off the unnecessary hose quite easily.

Silicone hoses have great flexibility, and a reputable silicone hose manufacturer will be able to give you more ideas and information about fulfilling your silicone hose needs. If you are looking for good deals from a silicone hose manufacturer, then it would definitely pay to check out a supplier such as

Hardwearing and resistant to moisture and corrosion, silicone hoses have many applications in all kinds of sectors, from industry to medicine. Easy to cut, silicone hoses can be customised to suit just all about situation where hosing is required and deliver long-lasting and reliable performance.

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