Is it time to downsize?

Is it time to downsize?

Our lives are always changing, and it would be difficult to know what we might want or need in the future. Whatever may be the ideal home for you and your family now may seem too big or too impersonal in a couple of decades time. If you’re on the fence about whether it is time for you to downsize your home, here are some signs that may point you in the right direction.

Maintenance is too much

If the cost and physical activity needed to maintain your property has become a dreadful chore, then it is likely time to downsize and look for something with less maintenance needs. While each house will sometimes require maintenance, if you regularly struggle to perform the tasks necessary to keep your property and your home in adequate condition, it’s time to find a solution. Home ownership should be a pleasure, not a source of physical fatigue or mental suffering.

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Empty, unused space

Do you have guest rooms collecting dust? A three-car garage holding only one car and an old bike? Why waste money and time trying to these spaces heated and tidy when they are more likely to gather garbage than bring joy? When space is just sitting there, it could really be costing you financially and mentally. Consider Residential Park Homes and visit

Monthly outgoings are unsustainable

In addition to maintenance, a big house can bring big bills. Some homeowners see their tax burden increase dramatically as valuations increase, which can be very difficult for those who earn a fixed income. In general, the smaller the house the smaller the monthly fee. Mortgage payments tend to be lower, there are less maintenance costs, and utility costs are almost always reduced. Add that to the fact that many experience a financial lift when they downsize and monthly living expenses may go down drastically in a smaller home.

You’re often away from home

What good is a big, beautiful house if you are never in it? Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, if you rarely at home, then the interest on the mortgage, tax and utility charges for maintaining the property is simply wasted money. If you think you are not making the best use of your home, consider if it is perhaps sensible to downsize or to move to a more comfortable place.

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You want your money to work better for you

Having unsustainable costs is a strong sign that it’s a good time for downsizing. Even if you think you’re financially okay, you might still; want to think again about selling the house with the value increasing over the years. Perhaps you want to organize your retirement, or maybe you want to cross a few items off you bucket list. No matter what you want to do with it, take the money tied up in your bigger property and make it work for you more directly!

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