The best office furniture and the Tips

The best office furniture and the Tips

The rules for setting up office interiors aren’t as simple as they once were. Gone are the days of sterile decor and lifeless, purely functional furniture. Now there are numerous things to consider – style, ergonomics and versatility being but a few, windows, carpets and Reception Chairs that visitors will sit on when they visit.  You can view the selection on sites including With these in mind, a little planning is required before making any big decisions.

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There’s no point shopping for the latest office trends, fancy light fittings and designer chairs if the budget barely covers new paperclips. Office furniture has to be functional before anything else. If the budget stretches to more sophisticated design features, that’s great. Otherwise, it’s important to focus the basics. Spending should be planned carefully, with priority given to essential pieces.

Health and safety

If employees spend most of the working day at their desks, then it becomes crucial to consider ergonomic design. Comfort is important, but the right furniture will also help to minimise work related postural damage or the risk of repetitive strain injury. A little research and sensible purchases could potentially increase productivity.


If a workplace is limited on space, then innovative storage may be a big factor. Do desk spaces require built-in drawers or filing systems? Do filing cabinets need to be mobile? Specialist companies carry a variety of products with multiple functionalities. If employees require a degree of protection from other office noise, for example, it may also be necessary to install partitions, or if regular conferencing is required, larger tables will be a prerequisite.

The size of the space will ultimately dictate the size of the furniture that can fit in it – compact, minimal designs or larger pieces with enhanced features.

A comprehensive needs analysis should be conducted thoroughly before drawing up a shopping list.

Brand image

Not to be overlooked, is whether or not the office space has to communicate a brand image. Is there a design theme? If the office will host important clients or customers, then the overall aesthetic will be of greater importance, so furniture that fits with the desired style will be required. Colours should be chosen carefully – blue for calming tranquility, orange for vibrancy and so on. It is also essential that the equipment is fit for purpose, and not just pleasing to the eye.

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