Its Time to Have a Wardrobe Clear Out

It is cold, it is dark but unlike last year at least we can get back out. Lets get our house in order, unpack the clothes, dust them off and get ourselves back out.

One of these jobs is the great wardrobe clear out! Over the years we are all a little guilty of hoarding clothes that we no longer use or wear and clearing out the wardrobe may well free us up some space for something we have been after for ages like these mens Tommy Hilfiger jeans!

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This also works as a great incentive to get it done so if there is something that you would like to add to your wardrobe, have a clear out first! Set a couple of days aside to do it properly and empty all of the items in the wardrobe out.

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Next create some boxes – one labelled keep, one labelled donate and one labelled recycle. Each item in the wardrobe will be able to go in one of these three boxes. The key here is to be completely honest with yourself – do you wear it? Have you ever worn it? Has it seen better days? Are you hanging onto clothes that no longer fit?

Clothes in good condition that you don’t make use of can then go in the charity box and clothes that are not in good condition can go in the recycle box to be recycled!

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