These gardens feel like partying

These gardens feel like partying

A birthday, a family reunion, the beginning of the holidays… Any reason is perfect to celebrate a garden party. They are more than ready. Look look!

Next To The Orchard

Garden was designed by the interior designer and landscaper Albert Aubach, perfect for a family celebration. Bench and wooden base for the Coton et Bois orchard. Tablecloth and sackcloth from Ribes & Casals. Jardiland cushions.

Freshness In Green And Blue

This outdoor dining room under a green roof is perfect for receiving guests during the holidays. Wooden Chairs by Jordi Batlle. El Meu Coixí cushions. La Maison tablecloths.

Under The Glycine

A vegetal pergola of wisteria forms the ceiling in this outdoor dining room in which there is no lack of color. Violet and pink share prominence with the greenery of the garden. Perfect for a birthday party.

Together In The Field

The stone walls, the hurdle ceiling, and the plants make this dining room a corner full of natural charm. Velafusta table. Il Magazzino chairs.

Children’s Party

Lots of color and flower and Vichy prints. The perfect setting for the celebrations of the little ones. Table, chairs, and bench by Cotton et Bois. Placemats, cups, bowls, and cushions from Verdemandarina.

From The Sea To The Garden

This party is going from strength to strength. Awning made with a recovered sail. Table by Vishuda, chairs by Habitat, and striped tablecloth in white and pink by Fronda.

Give Her Flowers

The vintage look becomes very romantic in this outdoor dining room. White patina rattan chairs by Sacum and a table by Merc&Cía.

In An Andalusian Farm

This beautiful garden is the perfect setting for elegant and relaxed celebrations, which begin at the dining table and end in the outdoor lounge in the background. Teklassic table, teak chairs, and tableware.

We Toast In The Patio

Intimate and charming, this outside dining room is sheltered under the shade of a tree. Dimoni Gros chairs.

Summer is, by itself, more than enough reason to celebrate. And, the garden, the perfect setting. More excuses to throw a party? The ones you want: a family reunion, the reunion with friends, the full moon, the premiere of the long-awaited vacation, a romantic evening… If you put your mind to it, every day can be a party.

And, as usual, all the celebrations take place around the table. So, while we’re in the garden, let’s fill it with flowers! Small pots, centerpieces, planters around it, and even wisteria or vines become a natural cover. Accessories, crockery, table linen… In this gallery, you will find a lot of inspiration to create the perfect setting for your garden parties.

Furniture: the hosts

Wood is one of the favorite materials for outdoor dining rooms. Being natural, it fits perfectly in the garden. The most exotic woods resist the sun and rain well. Also, if you don’t treat them, the passage of time leaves a charming vintage effect on your skin. You can surround the table with sturdy chairs or folding models. A seat cushion will suffice to add comfort. So yes, after-meals will be eternal.

Colour: the life of the party

Colors have the virtue of animating any corner. With just a few touches, the dining room in the garden is immediately transformed into the perfect setting for a party: in the seat cushions, the tablecloth, the vases, or even the crockery. Blue and green tones will make the garden even cooler; pinks and violets, more romantic; and, the vital yellow color, as long as it is accompanied by beige and white, will not lack elegance. As for prints, the great favorites are the floral ones, in pink, red or violet tones, and the summery gingham ones in green, pink, red or blue.

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