Four successes in interior decoration

Four successes in interior decoration

It is as important to keep in mind what are the usual mistakes in decoration as to enumerate the factors that constitute successes in interior decoration. What are those strengths that can move the inside of your home for the next reform?

Use of white color and its variants

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When you decorate a house, you do it with the motivation that that instant produces in the short term, however, the truly determining thing is that you observe the reform as a long-term project. That space will evolve together with you through your own gaze. While there are trends that despite their success at the moment do not survive the passage of time, on the contrary, there are other proposals that maintain their original beauty after the passage of time. The color white or variants such as beige are a chromatic bet that we can classify within those possible successes that always add up in the home.

A white color that, in turn, perfectly combines with other shades that define this neutral base from the inherent vitality of each chromatic option.


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The saturation of a space can produce a charged visual effect, that is, a level of chaos in that room. On the contrary, simplicity pays homage to the simplicity of proportions, balance and harmony. If you have doubts about whether something acquires a true meaning in the whole plan of that stay, perhaps the answer will come from this criterion of simplicity.

You can observe the language of interior decoration and design as means through which to tell a story that connects with your life. This story can be broken through an excess of elements that have no connection with each other. Even if you opt for a maximalist line in decoration, it is essential that there is a raison d’etre between the different elements of the place.

Quality furniture

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The budget factor is a constant to value in the purchases made for the reform of the house. Saving is a realistic goal. However, it is advisable to prioritize savings in aspects that are not priority of the home looking for quality in such fundamental components as furniture. This quality is synonymous with guarantee of durability and beauty over time.

Wood is one of the materials that aesthetically connects with the beauty of the home as a space for enjoyment, well-being, calm and intimacy. Therefore, this option is always a success in the bedroom, for example. Establish a budget and make furniture selection based on this criterion.

Black and white photographs

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The decoration of the walls is a common maxim in homes. The aesthetics of black and white is a timeless trend that never goes out of fashion, however, in a moment as visual as the current aesthetics of the black and white image attracts attention in a special way. You can decorate the walls with pictures and photographs. For example, choose representative images of cities that have a high emotional value for you.

Thanks to this, you can travel with your imagination through the visual anchoring of this decorative element that takes you to a destination with charm. Black and white photographs are art and produce the surprise factor by breaking with the usual color story line.

Therefore, enjoy the experience of decorating your home trying to reinforce the final beauty of the stay through the integration of decorative successes that are always a safe bet. Which of these decorative suggestions is your preferred choice in interior decoration?

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