Make Sure that you Don’t Make Mistakes when Planning your Conservatory

Something that many of us find lacking in our homes is space. Creating more space in the home can be done in many ways, and of course there is the option to move house to somewhere which is more spacious. But if you are happy and settled in your home and simply need a bit more room, then something that works well for adding some space to a home is a conservatory.

A conservatory is not only something that adds that bit of extra space but is also a versatile room that can be adapted to whatever your needs might be. So, it can grow with you and your family. It is also appealing because in many cases, you don’t actually need planning permission, so it takes away a lot of the stress that can be associated with a traditional extension.

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A conservatory is a big investment though and it is something that you want to get right. Taking your time beforehand to consider what you want from your new conservatory will certainly make sure that you continue to enjoy it for a long time into the future.

There are some common issues that many people have with their conservatories, which in hindsight they might have preferred to have changed if they could do it all again. Being aware of these before you begin your project will help you to avoid the potential pitfalls of a conservatory. Here are a few common issues…

The Temperature – Unless you have planning permission, a conservatory cannot be heated by your central heating in your home. This means that you will need to consider how you will keep your conservatory warm in the winter months, as you don’t want a room that is too cold to use comfortably. Heating options that work well in conservatories are electric Bluetooth radiators which can be controlled via your phone and underfloor heating. This should be installed by a professional like this underfloor heating Gloucestershire based company .

The Size – Many people can struggle to imagine what the right size of the conservatory is for them, and the last thing that you want is to end up wishing that you had gone for a smaller or larger size. Something that will help you with this is to consider what you need the conservatory for beforehand. Think about the types of furniture that will be in there and the sizes, and how it will be laid out. This is a great way to get a good idea of what size you might need.

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Lighting – For many people, the bright natural light of a conservatory is really appealing, but all that glass also means that sometimes it can be a little too bright and uncomfortable in there. Think about the direction the conservatory faces, as well as what might block out the light. You can also have blinds or anti-glare glass used to reduce the glare from the sun.

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