The Dangers of Using a Mobile Phone While Driving

The dangers of using a mobile phone while driving are well-documented. According to insurance companies, the use of hand-held phones while driving increased the risk of a fatal crash by 66 percent. It also led to hundreds of crashes that resulted in death. And these statistics do not include the number of people who were not at fault in the crash, or the non-fatal injuries resulting from distracted driving.

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Using a mobile phone while driving is extremely dangerous. While driving, you must be totally attentive to avoid distractions. Drivers who are distracted by a mobile phone quadruple the chances of having a car accident. Moreover, if you are talking on the phone, you’ll be more likely to hit other drivers and pedestrians. It is a no-brainer: texting or talking while driving are all dangerous activities and against the law.

If you receive an important call, you must always find a safe place to pull over, switch off your engine and then take the call. To avoid being distracted at all, it is sensible to keep phones in bags or closed in the glove compartment to avoid distraction. For details on Vodafone Dundalk, go to King Communications

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Using a phone while driving can cause injuries to passengers, employees, and property. Companies have faced lawsuits for distracted driving, which can result in property damage and injury to drivers. Furthermore, using a phone while driving compromises a driver’s ability to drive safely. The same holds true for those who are distracted by eating, turning on music or anything other activity while driving that takes attention from the road ahead.


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