Making Sure the Office is Clean and Hygienic

As we go back to normal life, this includes saying goodbye to the home office set up and going back into the workplace. However, to make going back easier and healthier, having a clean and hygienic office is important. Even before the pandemic, offices were places that could quickly spread germs around, so making sure that everyone feels safe at work comes down to good office hygiene.

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A professional clean at the office by someone like this Office Cleaning Cheltenham based company is great, but there are also some day to day things that all staff should be aware of in order to make the office a safer and cleaner place to be…

Don’t Eat at the Desk – A desk and in particular a keyboard is a real germ trap and a perfect breeding ground for all sorts of bacteria and viruses. As these items are touched on a regular basis it’s fair to say that eating should be done in a clean designated eating area away from the computer equipment.

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Office Toilets – These are places that are used by many people so it is important that good hygiene is paid particular attention to here. Ensure they are cleaned regularly and provide paper towels or even better, hand driers rather than actual towels as these can collect germs.

Frequently Touched Areas – Work out the areas and items that lots of people touch regularly – these include door handles, light switches, and equipment like photocopiers. Have wipes to hand next to them and also provide hand gel for use.

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