Fashionable colors to decorate in 2019

Fashionable colors to decorate in 2019

We already know what the colors of the year 2019 will be. The Pantone Institute has chosen Living Coral as the color of the year. But, with permission of this tonality, there are many other fashionable colors that will dominate in decoration throughout this year. Do you want to know them?

Here we present you the fashionable colors to decorate in 2019. We have options for all tastes and styles. From tones inspired by nature to more daring proposals. Find yours!

Living Coral

Fashionable colors

Let’s start with the Living Coral that will be the protagonist of this year, without a doubt. It is a bold, fresh and youthful color that transmits a lot of strength and energy. Therefore, it should be introduced in our homes with some caution. The Living Coral is perfect for highlighting a particular piece, such as a carpet or an upholstered armchair in this tone. Being such an intense color, the piece in this tonality will take center stage instantly.

To combine the Living Coral we can opt for neutral and discrete tones in order to create eye-catching contrasts. It can be a white or gray decorative base. But also with darker shades, like a dark green. With earth tones it also works very well, since it allows us to add warmth.

They are fashionable colors that adapts perfectly to all types of interiors and works with many decorative styles. For example, a fiber chair with cushions, plaids and carpets in Living Coral or a Nordic interior with chairs in this color. An interior of 10!

Earth Tones

Fashionable colors

For lovers of natural tendencies, this 2019 will continue to be a good year. And, among the colors that will triumph this year, are also earth tones. Different versions of toasted, where the veins of the wood take special interest and are perfect to add textures and contrasts.

If you opt for this tone, we recommend combining it with gray tones to add elegance and achieve relaxing interiors that transmit peace. Although earth tones also work with stronger and more vibrant colors to give an injection of vitality and strength to your interior. Like green, blue, yellow, etc.


Fashionable colors

This 2019 must not lose sight of blue. A color that works in any interior and that brings elegance and distinction, at the same time as it personalizes our decoration. Triumph over all the darker blue, which brings sophistication to our rooms. Try painting a wall in the background to gain depth in the room or introduce this color with small details: from upholstery to accessories.

Do not be afraid to combine different shades of blue: some darker with others lighter to achieve contrasts. But keep in mind that the range of dark blues makes decoration more elegant and sophisticated, while light blues are brighter, younger and fresher. So the interiors often look more informal and fun.

And with what other fashionable colors can we combine blue? It depends on the effect you want to achieve. If you are looking for elegance, try light gray and golden details. But if you want to add naturalness to an interior, the greens will help you. With a decorative white base will allow you to create contrasts and get a very fresh decoration. But if you want warmth and balance, the earth will help you show the more relaxed side of blue.

Pink Stick

Fashionable colors

This year the rose stick will also get a place in decoration. A tone that aims to show its more sophisticated side and leave aside topics, such as that the pink is female.

The rose stick, combined with acidic details (like lemon yellow) shows us its funniest and summer side. If you want to bet on the rose in your home but do not know how to do it, we suggest you to choose a very subtle pink gradient. It is perfect colors to highlight any wall or home environment.

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