Combining the antique and the contemporary

Combining the antique and the contemporary

Love antique items but don’t want to make your home feel stuffy and old-fashioned? It is possible to create balance and interior designers talk about this in terms of size, colour, style and shape. You can do this with antique and contemporary items, creating depth, contrast, freshness and finally, balance.

You can do this with any style you want, be it country, shabby chic, mid-century contemporary, industrial or minimalist. It’s a great method to create a truly unique and distinctive interior, adding an air of surprise and excitement. However, it does require an element of planning as filling your home with a mish mash of items from different eras could end up looking messy.

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Will you choose contemporary decoration with antique accessories or an antique decoration with modern accessories?

Which theme will suit your home best? Grouped items around a showcase antique or modern centrepiece or modern/antique decoration centred on a theme like shabby chic or a specific colour?

Once you have decided on a theme or colour on which to base your accessory search, it’s time to get shopping. You can find great accessories in catalogues, online, galleries, antique shops and reclamation yards. For Antique Fireplaces Ireland, you’ll find an impressive range of Antique Fireplaces Ireland from Wilsons Yard.

Here are some design ideas for inspiration:

Placing a streamlined and contemporary bench beneath an antique, ornate desk.

A reproduction decorative Louis XIV-style gilt mirror looks amazing in an ultra-modern room.

A modern glass dining table combined with an antique crystal chandelier.

A country-style rustic dining table paired with sleek aluminium chairs offers interesting contrast.

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Covering an antique armchair with a trendy, modern fabric.

Some modern art hanging on the wall of a room decorated with antique accessories.

Placing a contemporary lamp on a vintage coffee or side table or vice versa.

A modern fireplace mantel as a focal point with a single, decorative antique piece sitting on top.

Contemporary lighting fixtures in a room decorated with rustic style creates a powerful impact, as does a decorative antique light fixture making a statement in a contemporary room.

Reflecting your personality

Whichever way round you decide to decorate your interior, you’ll need a good eye and an idea of what your tastes are. When mixing antique with modern, don’t rush your purchases just because they fit the bill. The secret is to create a look that appears to have evolved over time. Be patient and wait for the ideal items that will then add both form and function to your home.

Remember that it’s your home and if you really love a piece, then there’s a place in your home for it. Yes, there are rules for maintaining balance, proportion and scale but it’s your home and it’s got to look good to you.


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