6 decorative tricks to make your bedroom look bigger

6 decorative tricks to make your bedroom look bigger

Although living in mini apartments has its advantages, you may want to make one of the rooms have a wider visual appearance. That’s why today I want to show you several decorative tricks to make your bedroom look bigger. The square meters will be what they are, but the sensation that will project will be of greater space. I tell you how you can achieve it.

bedroom look bigger

The mirrors

We already know that the use of mirrors is one of the most useful tricks when we want a room to look bigger. They are very decorative although in the bedroom you have to be careful not to place them in front of the bed. Feng Shui recommends that they do not reflect the door or the window as they can scare away energy and impede its natural flow through this room.

The use of colors

The colors play an important role when it comes to wanting to give a greater sense of spaciousness to the bedroom. If the stay is especially small, light colors will be your best allies. The white brings a lot of light and will make the spaces look bigger. If you do not like this tonality you can use a beige, broken white or pastel.

However, remember that if you make good use of a dark tone you can create a sense of depth.

bedroom look bigger

The lighting

A well-lit bedroom will look bigger. For this, the light colors that we mentioned at the beginning will help you. Take full advantage of the natural light you have, placing light and light curtains or even leaving the window without curtains (if it is possible for reasons of privacy).

If you choose to use curtains and hang them from the ceiling and not from the window frame, it will seem that the walls are higher and the space is wider.

On the other hand, do not put tall furniture that hinder the flow of light and includes lamps or points of light that help illuminate the room in a functional and decorative way.

Functional furniture

When you do not have too much space in the bedroom it is best to do without big and bulky furniture and bet on those hands that serve several functions. For example, a trundle bed, a custom cabinet, folding beds or a trunk that serves as extra storage space. Do not saturate the room because it will not look much smaller.

In addition, the furniture with legs also achieve that visually has a larger appearance.

Another option is to place a large piece of furniture as a focal point (the bed, for example) and make the others smaller and more discreet.

bedroom look bigger

The key is in the order

There is no doubt that the bedroom will look larger if it is clean and tidy. It’s the key. Be big or small. And if it is small, it is still more important. If the space is filled with objects that are out of place the sensation that will transmit will be even less space. So keep the order and keep everything where it needs to be. The functional furniture will be of great help for this.

On the other hand, you can use decorative elements but without going through. A plant, a lamp or cushions are always welcome. Less is more.

The textiles

A bedroom with dark textiles, with large and opaque curtains, heavy duvets … It will further accentuate the lack of available space.

To avoid this and to make your bedroom look wider, use lightweight textiles: cotton or linen provide that feeling of lightness that we seek and that translates into a feeling that space is bigger.

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