Best types of shelving for a kitchen

Best types of shelving for a kitchen

Open shelving in kitchens is making a comeback – offering homes with an alternative to boxy cupboards by allowing homeowners to increase light, storage space and display possibilities.

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There’s a shelving solution for every home; whether you want a quirky kitchen with feature units or seamless modern style. Check out some of our favourite shelving ideas below to instantly upgrade your space.

Not convinced? Residential shelving Ireland firms have to offer is all about functionality as well as style, and it’s easy to find reasons to utilise shelves in your home.

Cosy corners

Corners are so often wasted space in the kitchen. Put your corners to work by installing shelves which flow around the corners rather than stopping at the edge of the wall.

Alternatively, you could create a cosy look with smaller wedge-shaped shelves nestling in your kitchen corners.

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Hang in there

Using tricks such as hooks on the underside of shelves not only offers a place to display hanging items such as mugs or cooking utensils, but also uses space in your kitchen which otherwise goes to waste.

Let it shine

Create a modern, exciting look by installing light fixtures to the shelves; what about spotlights underneath the shelves to illuminate your worktop? Or maybe strip lights across the shelves to highlight your innovative storage solutions.

Paint the town

Make a statement with the colours you paint the shelves. You could match these to the colour of the walls to create a seamless, open space, or go for feature shelving by painting behind the shelves in either a bright colour or a shade off the background wall. You could also consider the materials for your shelves here; do you want them to blend in or stand out?

A popular choice is to use either iron or wood as the building materials in order to make a statement in your kitchen. You could keep it cosy by using repurposed wood, or go for a more industrial look with these stunning metal shelves from

Stay flexible

A great money saving trick is to use adjustable shelving units to keep an element of flexibility in your kitchen and allow it to develop and change as your family needs do. Just make sure if you’re planning on storing larger items that you’ve considered the weight!


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