Creating the perfect teen bedroom

Creating the perfect teen bedroom

Decorating a teen’s bedroom can prove harder than it sounds. Teens can be difficult customers. It’s a transitional period where they might still want to hang onto the comfort and cosiness of some ‘kiddie’ aspects but also want to be grown-up and independent. It’s important to see the room from their perspective. For a teen, their room is more than just a place to sleep – it’s where they hang out, relax, escape the rules, express themselves and be with friends.

Remember that their room must be an expression of who they are. With some careful planning, even the most bizarre and discordant ideas can come together beautifully.

The teens of today have their finger on the pulse and are much more conscious of fashion and design elements. Think of their room as a mini apartment where they can spend time comfortable and also have all the functions they need from the space, such as a space for homework etc.

Just because adults like a bedroom that offers calm tranquillity, a teen is likely to want the opposite and choose a high-energy, bubbly décor. Here are some ideas to remember when designing the décor:


As well as being vibrant and fun, it must offer multiple uses. A teen’s room is more than a place to sleep, it needs to provide space for study, chill with friends and just relax in. Try to work creatively together to plan separate areas for sleep, study and lounging. Small spaces can still be made highly effective with clever use of small-bedroom furniture and storage ideas.

Go bold on the walls

Vibrant colours and funky designs are normally what teens want for their décor. The biggest space in a room is ion the walls, so use these as the opportunity to be creative with colour, wall decals, custom prints, graffiti wall treatments and neon signage for example.

Other fun ideas

Teens mostly desire a space that reflects their personality, and this usually involves fun and creativity. When surveyed, teens voted creativity as the most important and calming came almost last place. Some fun ideas include:

A swing or hanging chair. For a unique and colourful Egg Chair, visit

A hammock

A circular bed

A wall-mounted aquarium

A chalkboard wall

Lots of texture variety and feel-good fabrics such as a faux fur rug,

pillows, velvet wallpaper and luxury bedding.


Teens are not known for their tidiness or organisation, so clever storage solutions are a must for any teen room. They won’t think they need it, but you definitely will! Having storage options that can be accessed quickly and easily means your teen is more likely to keep things tidy. Ideas include:

Unique shelving

Storage bins for underneath the bed

Benches or ottomans with built-in storage

Wall cabinets around the bed

If you try to make the storage as fun and creative as the other elements of the room, they are more likely to use it. The ideal teen room can be made by combining elements of your teen’s unique personality and the functionality that they need.

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