How to organize your closet

Have you ever happened to be late for an interview or for an appointment and cannot find your clothes in your own closet? Surely that happens to everyone frequently. It must have been a long time since you organized your clothes for the last time. Imagine how much money and time you used looking for the perfect outfit so that later you cannot use it when you want. It’s time to order your clothes in the closet and make your life easier. Here you will learn how to organize your closet in the blink of an eye.

12 Ideas to organize your closet are given below:

  1. Take all your clothes out of the closet
  2. Clean the closet
  3. Separate clothes by seasons
  4. Separate clothes by colors, sizes, and events
  5. Do not forget to organize clothes by size
  6. Also, order your clothes by colors
  7. Use hangers to organize
  8. Use hangers to organize
  9. It covers special garments
  10. Do not use hangers for some garments
  11. Prepare to donate
  12. Store your shoes, hats, and purses separately
  13. You finished

How to organize your closet- 1: Take all your clothes out of the closet

Leave the closet empty taking out all the clothes and shoes. It sounds like a lot of work but it’s the best way to start. You could put some music to not get bored if that helps you.

How to organize your closet- 2: Clean the closet

We do not often realize how much dust and dirt there may be inside our closet even if it remains closed most of the time. So clean the closet inside with an old rag to start with the right foot. Use a room fragrance to get rid of moisture.

Clean the closet

How to organize your closet- 3: Separate clothes by seasons

It is possible you have put together summer and winter clothes in the same closet. Separate them. If you live in a city or state where the weather is warm, keeps your winter clothes on the shelf or in the top drawer, which you cannot reach easily and which is out of your sight. Do the opposite if the weather is cold.

How to organize your closet- 4: Separate clothes by colors, sizes, and events

Be sure to keep work clothes away from party dresses and sleepwear separate from sportswear.Separate clothes by colors, sizes, and events

How to organize your closet- 5: Do not forget to organize clothes by size

If you are size 4 and you think you could go down to size 2, do not mix these sizes.

How to organize your closet- 6: Also, order your clothes by colors

Keep all white clothes together and as you move to darker colors, arrange them properly. You will be surprised to find out how many black pants and white shirts you have and do not wear (and instead of using these clothes, you keep buying more). Therefore, ordering clothes by categories will make your job much easier every time you want to get ready to go somewhere and when you think you need a new white shirt, you will not have to buy it, because you already have one.Also, order your clothes by colors

How to organize your closet- 7: Use hangers to organize

Hangers are the best way to keep your closet tidy, so you should put most of your clothes on hangers. Then, when you’re in a hurry, you can pull the hanger and use these clothes instead of looking for them in a pile of clothes and make a real mess.

How to organize your closet- 8: It covers special garments

Special garments that we do not use often, but keep anyway, like dresses and wedding dresses, need special care. You can put linings for suits. This way they will be better protected, even if they stay in the closet and do not use them.

How to organize your closet- 9: Do not use hangers for some garments

Do not put on clothes hangers items such as loose fabrics (scarves or sweaters), as they could deform. Store your folded sweaters and stockings, socks and underwear in drawers.Do not use hangers for some garments

How to organize your closet- 10: Prepare to donate

You might find it surprising to find clothes in your closet that you have not worn for a long time and that you do not want to use anymore. It could be clothes that have gone out of style or that you do not have anymore. So, it does not make sense to keep it and it’s time to donate it to charities, to put it in a garage sale or give it to someone who does use it. Make a list of clothes you want to donate and place it in a box or bag. If you are fond of some clothes, take pictures using them and put them in your closet or in an album before saving or donating these items.Prepare to donate

How to organize your closet- 11: Store your shoes, hats, and purses separately

If you have shoes in your closet, be sure to keep them separate from your clothes and, of course, according to their type. It is better to keep the boots with the winter clothes. You also have to leave space for your hats, purses, and belts. Make sure they do not take up a lot of space but keep them organized.

How to organize your closet- 12: You finished


  • Separate a good time before you start. Be patient and do not get distracted. Once you are finished you will feel proud of yourself.
  • Do not get rid of your clothes. If it does not work for you, it is possible that someone else can use it.
  • Keeping your closet tidy is a continuous process. Adopt the habit of organizing your closet every three months. This will help you get rid of clothes that you do not use and reorder the rest as you want.You finished
  • If you almost have no space for clothes, keep it under your bed. Put it in suitcases or containers and label it.
  • If you have too many clothes and you cannot organize everything on your own, have your mom, your big sister or a close friend help you (if it does not bother them).
  • It is better to use plastic hangers instead of metal or wood hangers. If you think your wardrobe needs a remodel to have more space, go ahead.
  • Take a picture after you have finished ordering your outfits. This will help you next time and remind you how neat you can be.
  • Every time you put your clothes back in the closet, make sure you order them correctly, coordinating well according to color, size, and event. Your work will be much simpler and you can be more organized if you wash and iron the clothes before putting them away. This will save you time and energy the next time you want to use it.
  • Painting your wardrobe is a good idea if you want a change. Choose calmly the right color that matches your room and your personality. Make sure you let the paint dry before you store your clothes.

We hope you will like these ideas to organize your closet. We want your comments and suggestions to improve our ideas. Thank you and have a great day!

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