What to do if your home floods

What to do if your home floods

Flooding is a traumatic experience and can be distressing for the whole family. However the flood was caused, you will need to think about how to make your home safe and secure so that you can begin to get back to normal.

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Ensure your home is safe

According to the Citizens Advice Bureau, safety after a flood is the priority; therefore, you should not take any unnecessary risks when re-entering your home. The emergency services will usually inform you as to when this is safe. You will need to check your electricity and gas supplies, as there are risks involved with both.

Electricity should be turned off at the mains and your supplier should be contacted so that it can check your fuse box is safe. There is a risk of a gas leak, so the supplier should visit to ensure there is no risk to you or the public. Check for visible signs of damage to walls and floors, such as cracks, before entering the property.

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Some of your electrical appliances may be damaged, so check them before you use them. For urgent appliances, such as your boiler, your insurance company may have a 24-hour rapid response service. If you need to consider boiler installation Gloucester after a flood, companies such as hprservicesltd.com/gloucester-boilers/boiler-installation-gloucester can help with post-flood boiler installation. Heating the home is important after flooding, as it can help to dry out the property quickly.

Contact your insurance company

Once you are sure your home is safe and there are no risks, the most important thing to do next is contact your insurance company. It will usually send someone to make an assessment of the work that needs to be done before sending professionals for the clean-up operation. It will send a water-pumping service if necessary and maintenance and repair services for windows, doors and structural issues. Once the property is empty of water and safe, cleaners will attend to remove damaged furniture and clean your home. It may be wise to take photographs of the damage for the insurance company to act as evidence for your repairs.

Don’t forget to make sure your doors are secure so that any valuables are safe. If this is not possible, consider moving your precious items to a different location.

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