10 Keys for keeping your house in order

10 Keys for keeping your house in order

Maintaining order at home can be very simple if you make the right decisions and you set a daily routine of cleanliness and organization. Doing a little each day will save you having to clean and tidy the house for hours on your day off. We know you are very busy and you almost do not have time for anything, and when the time comes to relax and relax, what you least want is to immerse yourself in a mountain of clothes without folding or stacks of unsorted paper. The key is not to procrastinate and pose a very simple goal for your day to day: invest a few minutes in executing your daily tasks with precision, and go cleaning, ordering and saving, at the rate you are using or messing. It will take a little longer to do it the right way, but then the reward will be worth it: a neat and orderly house. For this, we give you 10 keys for keeping your house in order.

Living in a tidy house will help you feel more comfortable, relaxed and happy. There is no more comforting feeling than to get home and see everything in its place. We do not speak of having a magazine house, but of a home, where everything occupies its space and is in perfect harmony and balance. The discordant elements, the heaps and the excess of objects in sight can cause stress, instability, and anxiety. In order to avoid these negative sensations, we recommend that you take note of these tips to maintain order at home and ensure your comfort.

10 keys for keeping your house in order

  1. The receiver
  2. The dining room
  3. The lounge
  4. Your bedroom
  5. Children’s room
  6. Your work corner
  7. The kitchen
  8. The bathroom
  9. The washer
  10. The ironing corner

Keys for keeping your house in order- 1: The receiver

The entrance or hall is, as your name suggests, the place that welcomes us to the house. In it, we can leave everything that we no longer need when we get home and that we will pick up immediately, the next morning, before preparing to leave the house (the keys, the wallet, an envelope, a notebook, purse or shoes). In this space, apart from a rack, we can place a console with a drawer or a tray, where to leave our personal items, a hanger for the keys and even a shoe rack, where to store shoes and take out the slippers from home. If you have enough space, you can place a stool or armchair, next to the carpet, to facilitate the change of shoes when entering or leaving. Everything must be comfortable and occupy its space, to help us maintain order. The receiver

Keys for keeping your house in order- 2: The dining room

For the dining room, there is nothing better than a good dresser and a cabinet to store your crockery, glassware, cutlery and table linen. If you have free space, you can incorporate a dresser with 3 or 4 drawers, where you can store everything neatly in boxes or separated with sheets of tissue paper or natural fabrics (cotton or linen). If you do not want to have too many accessories and prefer to use your space available to decorate or place plants. There is a maxim in decoration: less is more. Buy what you need daily or at most for when you have visitors and use furniture that suits your daily needs. It is useless to have a huge dining table and many chairs if you do not receive guests often. Maximize the space and opt for a smaller table, or round (with slats to extend it), accompanied by a maximum of four chairs. You are always in time to extend it and add some more, folding or those located in a bedroom or office. A house is one of those who lives in it and therefore, its furniture and decoration must be in tune with it. If your guests do not fit at home, better, take them out to dinner.The dining room

Keys for keeping your house in order- 3: The lounge

In this room of your home, we have multiple accessories and objects that you will need to order and store. First of all, the controls can be stored in a sleeve mounted on the side of the chair or sofa; the plaid blankets and cushions accessories, you can keep them in baskets, under the chest of your chaise longue or inside a puff with a lid; the magazines, controls or coasters, find their place in the interior space of your lift table; Your TV cabinet can also help you store your electronic devices and audiovisual material. All these furnitures are designed to provide maximum storage service and ensure order. If you have many books, DVD movies or collector’s magazines, high shelves or modular furniture with shelves and showcases. If you are fond of sewing or knitting, you can store your supplies in a box, basket or bag, in a corner of the dresser, in the living room cabinet or in the chest of the sofa.The lounge

Keys for keeping your house in order- 4: Your bedroom

Perhaps this is the main room of your home and therefore, in which more time you spend, more objects guard and more orderly you need to be. Here are some ideas: a bed with a chest (with folding drawer), where to store blankets, cushions, seasonal clothing (stored in vacuum bags or boxes), bags, shoes, etc; a well-organized dresser with dividers in the drawers; your accessories (bracelets, rings, necklaces and earrings) in boxes and metal or fabric hangers; your shoes, stored in a shoe rack module or dressing room; your clothes, well hung and folded in the drawers.Your bedroom

Keys for keeping your house in order- 5: Children’s room

The room of the smallest of the house can become a war zone if you do not teach them to order and maintain a daily routine. Help them to keep their space in order, thanks to a system of boxes and containers of colors, where to keep their books and notebooks, the paintings, the toys or their stuffed animals. Paste photos in the front area to indicate where each object is going and encourage them to continue organizing their study area, with boxes, trays, and corks.Children's room

Keys for keeping your house in order- 6: Your work corner

In line with what we were saying, decorating a work or study area can be very simple if you structure your space in an efficient way. You can help you with boxes, filing cabinets, marked shelves, and cans to order all your work material. Cork and thumbtacks are a classic, but you can help a lot to organize your home office, because thanks to it, you will see in a single glance all the important and the list of tasks to do during the day or week.Your work corner

Keys for keeping your house in order- 7: The kitchen

In the kitchen, eliminate unnecessary decoration and accessories. Do not forget that it is a work zone and that it must be neatly organized. Each food and seasoning should take its place and be stored in the correct way so that it is kept in good condition and does not occupy more space than recommended. Help yourself with glass or metal pots, shelves in the pantry or furniture, and of course, dividers to keep everything in place and avoid mixing. If you store your cleaning products in one of the gaps, make sure they do not leak and that they take a place away from the food.The kitchen

Keys for keeping your house in order- 8: The bathroom

Keep your bathroom perfectly tidy, using boxes and very structured furniture. You can organize the drawers of your bathroom cabinet, with spacers or smaller boxes, where you can store all the cleaning supplies. In the shower, there is nothing better than having a metal shelf or hanger, where to place the shampoo, the gel, the mask, and the body scrub. The towels, either folded or hung, take up less space and are better, than poorly placed towels. A tidy bathroom is a bathroom without too much decoration or toiletries in sight.The bathroom

Keys for keeping your house in order- 9: The washer

In this space, normally, we have all the washing products (detergent, softener, bleach, an activator of washing, soap in tablet, etc.), the hangers to hang the shirts, the tweezers and piles of dirty clothes. The same as we mentioned with the rest of the rooms: colored boxes with labels do wonders. Organize it all like this, and you will occupy much less space than you expect.

Keys for keeping your house in order- 10: The ironing corner

In this corner or room, we have the iron, the table, a closet for towels and sheets, and some products such as distilled water or sizing. It is not necessary for the room to be very large so that we can have an adequate place to iron. If you order and you get the most out of the available cabinets and holes, you will get a multifunctional environment that you can reuse for other tasks of your daily routine, such as exercising or practicing your hobbies.The ironing corner

We hope you will like these keys for keeping your house in order. We want your comments and suggestions to improve our ideas. Thank you and have a nice day!

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