4 Keys to decorate the perfect porch

4 Keys to decorate the perfect porch

Outdoor spaces are for living and sharing, with family or friends, especially during the summer. In VisualEyesDecor we know it and for that reason we want to share with you some secrets that will help you get the most out of your perfect porch.

The style, the plants, the materials, the distribution, the choice of the environments … Take note of the keys to decorate the perfect porch. The result? An appetizing exterior in which to spend unforgettable moments in the fresh air.

perfect porch

The style of the porch

We started with the style of the perfect porch. The ideal is to connect the exterior with the interior. That is, we should decorate the porch as if it were another room in the house. So we connect both environments and enhance the decoration, both inside and outside.

The materials

With regard to materials and fabrics, it is convenient to choose materials from the region where our home is located. Stone, mud, etc. This way you will be able to integrate the porch with the surrounding environment.

But, in addition, it is important that the porch materials are similar to those that look inside your home in search of greater aesthetic coherence. Although of course we must always choose materials that adapt to our lifestyle and the atmospheric conditions of our region.

perfect porch

For example, aluminum has a modern and minimalist aesthetic. It is also lightweight, resistant and easy to clean. On the contrary, the wood is elegant, warm and timeless. If you opt for wood, we must bear in mind that each type of wood is different and has its own characteristics. If you live in a particularly humid climate, opt for furniture in teak wood. This wood is very resistant to moisture.

Another option is vegetable or synthetic fibers. The natural ones (rattan, jute, wicker, sisal, etc.) are soft and easy to clean with a cloth and neutral detergent. Although if you prefer more resistant furniture, nothing better than synthetic fibers because they are cheaper and more durable than vegetables. Highly recommended if you use your outdoor furniture very often.

perfect porch

The distribution of furniture and accessories

When decorating and furnishing your porch you must also take into account the distribution of the different elements (furniture and accessories). If the space allows it, that is if you have a large porch, you can create several environments, for example a living room and a dining room. But if you have few meters available it is recommended to choose a single environment, better than two small and crowded. To do this, think about your lifestyle and the way you use your exterior. What do you prefer a living room, a reading corner, a dining room …?

And speaking of distribution, you should not forget to take into account the direction of the wind and the points where the sunlight strikes your exterior. It is advisable to take these details into account in order to place some solar or wind protection system. This way you will enjoy your porch much more and if you are enjoying a pleasant meal you will not be bothered by the wind or the rays of the sun.

perfect porch

The details of the porch

Finally, do not forget the accessories. The final touch of style to customize your porch. We refer to cushions, carpets, plants and flowers. Our advice? Choose seasonal flowers, as this way you can give a different touch to your perfect porch every so often. Large plants are ideal for untapped corners and vertical gardens and hanging plants for small porches. So you will not occupy space with your plants, but you will not have to give up the green of nature either.

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