Transform your kitchen with these easy upgrades

Transform your kitchen with these easy upgrades

Updating a kitchen is always expensive, but you don’t need to totally change it to transform the way it looks and feels. Here’s a guide to some simple solutions for modernising your kitchen space.
Worktops and Sinks

There are many companies which offer worktop transformations, meaning you can totally change the feel of your kitchen but at a fraction of the cost of a whole refurbishment. With a huge choice of materials and colours, you can have a bit of fun.

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You might also want to change your sink, or add a new funky tap for a modern look. If you want to get some tips and inspiration and are looking for kitchen refurbishment Guildford, a kitchen specialist such as can give you advice.

Have a Clear-Out

The Telegraph suggests that the best way to make a difference is to clear any clutter in your kitchen. As you do with your wardrobe, be ruthless and get rid of anything you don’t need or use. Once your surfaces are free from clutter, the space will look sleeker and you’ll increase your workspace.

Repaint and Retile

A simple change of paint colour or retiling is a quick and cost-effective solution which can really change the feel of your kitchen. A bright new paint, even on just one wall, is low cost yet adds personality. You could also add a bit of interest with patterned tiles on your splashback or on the floor if it’s not too large an area. You could even paint your cupboards.

Clever Storage Solutions

Invest in modern storage which looks great on your worktop but also keeps the stuff you use every day hidden away. Open shelves are another good way of adding interest to a kitchen and can be used to show off any fancy glassware, vases or recipe books.

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Lastly, if your budget is quite small, consider changing the handles on your cupboards to something more modern or in a different colour. Or try adding new lights and lamps to create a new mood.

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