Get your Kitchen Taps Fitted

Get your Kitchen Taps Fitted

We often need to change our kitchen taps, sometimes due to the damage of the older one and sometimes to bring a new look to the kitchen. This is true that nowadays, finding out fashionable taps is not at all tough; but only purchasing a stylish and a useful tap is not the end of your job. If you truly want to make it working, you should make sure that the tap has been fitted well. Or else, it may never work properly.

If you are planning to buy a new one, it is advisable to use the older one for the purpose of measurements. First take measure of the spout length and make sure that the brand new product you have purchased will completely reach your sink and fit the sink holes. Thereafter you should take measurement of the distance between the cold and hot taps, if are planning to replace those taps with a mixer tap.

Fitting the kitchen taps

  • First try to install the new tap through the holes of the sink and then keep the tap seated on the plastic bedding washers. Thereafter enclose the hole using the silicone compound.
  • You need to use your hand to make the back nut tightened.
  • After this, you have to move out the spout in order to correct the position and to get the back nut tightened through the use of top wrench.
  • After everything gets over, you should not waste any more time to screw up the water pipes at the end of the tap, which remains installed under the sink. Thereafter use wrench for nut tightening.
  • Now, if you are through, you should turn on the tap to test if it is working properly or not.

So, what is there to think about!! Follow these instructions and make your work much easier.

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