How to clean wooden doors

How to clean wooden doors

When we dedicate ourselves to thoroughly cleaning our home, one of the elements of the house that can generate the most doubts as to what is the correct way to maintain it and keep it clean may be the doors. Generally, a good door is usually made of wood. This is one of the most coveted materials in the manufacture of domestic furniture such as chairs, tables, or shelves. But, in the case of doors, even more so since they are capable of isolating sounds and the weather itself.

Having a door that borders another room is not the same as having one that borders the outside of the house since in this second room inclement weather can be more damaging. However, even so, keeping them clean can prevent the appearance of fungi, the weakening of the material, and favor their useful life. Depending on whether it is varnished or not, the care changes and that is why in this article we are going to delve into how to clean wooden doors.

How to clean unvarnished wooden doors

Some people prefer their doors to be unvarnished for a more rugged and rugged look. In order to keep them as robust as the first day and with the betas and shapes intact, you must follow these cleaning steps:

  • Remove excess dust and dirt: without using any product, just with a dry cloth or duster, take care of removing all the remains of lint and dust that are on the surface.
  • Clean and remove marks: with a soft cloth or sponge, to avoid scratching the surface, rub the door with a solution of warm water and special soap for wood to remove any traces of marks that may be present. You can also resort to mixing ammonia and water or even olive oil and white vinegar to remove more localized stains. When you finish, make sure to remove the remains of water and the product.
  • Polish the wood: once clean, to give it a cleaner tone and appearance, apply some type of polish or natural oil, such as almond oil, and spread it with energetic movements with a cloth all over the surface so that the wood is shiny and shimmering.

How to clean varnished wooden doors

If you have decided to use a layer of varnish to protect the wood of your doors, the way to clean them will be a little easier. You just have to follow the following steps:

  • Remove any remains: with a damp duster or cloth, make sure to remove all traces of dust to prevent them from scratching the varnish when cleaning thoroughly.
  • Disinfect the entire door: with a special soap for doors, mixed with a tablespoon of white vinegar, you are going to soak a cleaning cloth and go over all the areas so that all the marks that have remained on the layer of varnish can be removed. You must do it carefully and without rubbing too much so as not to damage the surface layer.
  • Polish the varnish: then, using the thinnest cloth possible, apply a little wood polish and gently massage the door to make it shine again. When the product has taken effect, make sure it is dry with a clean cloth.
  • Also, if you want to improve the varnishing of this door, we recommend you read these steps and tips on How to varnish a wooden door.


More tips for cleaning wooden doors

In addition to the different specific products for cleaning wood such as soaps or polishes, one of the most basic resources is neutral soap. However, there are several natural mixtures that also work very well for these cases:

  • White vinegar and neutral soap: one of the most odorless and simple formulas, ideal for removing traces of moisture and mold and for preventing fungus from growing on the wood. Here you can learn more tips on How to clean with white vinegar.
  • Ammonia and water: Mixing ammonia with water is a slightly stronger mixture than vinegar and soap, but very effective at removing embedded stains.
  • Egg whites and ammonia: very useful for providing moisture and hydration to wooden surfaces that have dried out over time.
  • Mayonnaise: If you have localized stains on the wood, you can apply a little mayonnaise on top and apply it with a soft cloth to remove it.
  • Bottle cork: if the stain has just occurred and is still wet, you can rub a cork from the bottle caps so that it absorbs all the remains and then clean them in the normal way.

Mistakes to avoid when cleaning wooden doors

As important as knowing the ways to clean wooden doors is to be clear about how not to worsen or harm this noble material. Here are some mistakes to avoid:

  • Clean them first thing in the house: if we leave them clean and then clean the rest of the house, all the mites and bacteria will stick to their surfaces again.
  • Only use the duster: with the duster, only a superficial cleaning is achieved. It must be cleaned in depth at least every 15 days.
  • Do not dry them well: it is very important to dry them well so that there are no residues since the dirt could stay stuck and they will get dirty again faster, leaving traces of moisture that damage the wood.

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