Making your workplace disability friendly

All workplaces have a legal obligation to make their buildings accessible to those with disabilities, especially to those employees who work for the company. This can mean making some adjustments in a number of different areas.

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Access – in the case of those with mobility difficulties, it is important that a workplace is accessible. This could mean installing lifts and ramps that allow wheelchair users to access the building or it could be placing grab rails near any stairs so that people with mobility issues can steady themselves. It is important that where practically possible, a building has some degree of accessibility for those with disabilities.

Toilets – having disabled toilets is also a legal requirement and this can mean having toilets that are larger to accommodate a wheelchair, that have grab rails to allow someone to get themselves on and off the toilet safely and that are fitted with alarms. These alarms alert the receptionist to any emergency that a person may be experiencing whilst using the disabled toilet.

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Workspaces – in some cases there may need to be adaptations made to workspaces to accommodate any support that an individual may need. This could be specialist seats or desks. The requirements will depend on the needs of each of the individual workers in the company.

There are numerous other Disability Aids like the ones available from that can be used to make a workplace more disability friendly.

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