How to integrate the green color in the decoration

How to integrate the green color in the decoration

Each person has their own preference in a matter of colors. The personalization in the setting of a place also shows this subjective assessment in the choice of the main tones. The beauty of the green color is present in many spaces. A tone that in addition to its aesthetic concept also has an emotional background to be linked to the hope that is an engine of happiness. What are the reasons to integrate the green color in the decoration in any room?

Color of nature

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The palette of tones of the natural landscape that also evolves with the passage of the seasons becomes an inspiration canvas to define the decoration of the house. The color green is a nutritious tone for this continuous connection with nature. A stimulus that reinforces personal well-being increases calmness and connection with the present.

Green furniture

green color in the decoration

The essence of this tone can describe different aspects of housing. The furniture can also be differentiated through this color projection that is more frequent in the retro style. One of the decoration proposals is to select a more special product that is the protagonist in a place.

This color can also be the engine of the transformation of an old piece of furniture that transforms its image by showing a different color from the original. Some people take part of summer vacations in updating the decoration of the home through an exercise of creativity.

Time is a factor in the decoration not only because the passage of years demands care and maintenance in the home, but also because a wardrobe can have written the language of time throughout its history.

Combinations of colors

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The harmony of the green color also shows a perfect balance with various combinations. For example, it is a color that complements perfectly with a basic and main tone of decoration such as white. The combination of white and green can dress any room. For example, the bedroom. A space of rest in which calm is a stimulus of relaxing well-being. This combination can also be a summer expression.

Combination of white and wood

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The green color not only harmonizes with a tone with as much light as white, but another of the frequent combinations in home decoration is the sum of green and wood. This combination produces an attractive visual effect at decorative level.

Plants and flowers

green color in the decoration

Any home can enhance the presence of this color without having to make any significant changes in the main elements of the house. The choice of flowers and plants is a simple example of decorative idea that feeds beyond the sense of sight.

Contact with nature is one of the wellness recommendations in the leisure plans that a person carries out in their free time. However, nature is an anchor that can also be present in interior rooms by means of decoration.

Gardening tasks also describe the present connection of that person who focuses on this creative work.

Therefore, this a color protagonist in the decoration. The green color can also express the image of vintage decoration through trends such as crystal in this tone. One of the advantages of integrating this color in the decoration is that it can occupy a more prominent place in proportion or, on the contrary, integrate only in small doses through the textiles or accessories of this place.

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