When is the best time to install hardwood flooring

When is the best time to install hardwood flooring

Hardwood flooring is popular for a number of reasons, not least its durability and attractive finish. A hardwood floor can give a room either a classic or a modern finish, but it has particular benefits when it comes to the winter months. We take a look at some of the major benefits of installing hardwood floors in winter.

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Expansion and Fitting

A number of materials are known to expand or contract depending on the temperatures and levels of humidity that they are exposed to. Wood — and hardwood flooring — is no different. Floorboards are likely to expand during humid conditions, such as in the summer, and contract during cooler, dryer conditions. Although these changes may only be fractional, they still need to taken into account when fitting the floorboards or reinstallation may be required over time. Installing a hardwood floor in winter during cool, dry conditions helps to ensure very minimal warping. It is likely that the professional installing the boards will leave slight gaps to allow for expansion in the summer, and this tends to be a far better policy than fitting damper boards in the summer, only for them to shrink significantly and leave gaps that were not planned for.

Be sure to acclimate the boards before fitting them too. Place the floorboards in the room where they will be installed with a good circulation of air so that they may adjust to the usual levels of humidity and heat. This will allow for easier and more accurate fitting.

Insulation and Warmth

Hardwood floors are an excellent way of helping to ensure that your home is well insulated and warm during the winter months. Not only does well-fitted flooring help to prevent air escaping that wastes money and energy, it helps to contain the heat more effectively too. The BBC reported recently that cold homes in winter accounted for poor health and tragically several deaths last year. Effective Laminate Wood Flooring from Irwin Tiles or another reputable company can help to keep a home warm, comfortable and safe.

Fitting Services Availability

When installing hardwood flooring or having other significant home renovations, winter can be a particularly convenient time, as fitting services may be more likely to be available. Summer is often an especially busy time, and installation could interrupt holidays at this time too.

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