Quick and Easy Ways to Update a Bathroom

Bathrooms are an often overlooked space for remodelling but as there are tons of quick and easy ways to update a bathroom, it doesn’t have to be. For most homeowners, it can be very frustrating when the design of the bathroom does not tie into the rest of the house well, or where an update seems to make everything worse than it was to begin with. While there are always things that need to be changed, there are some simple and easy ways to update a bathroom that won’t break the bank and leave the homeowner feeling like a million dollars.

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The most basic, yet popular way to update a bathroom is by painting or tiling. Painting or tiling a bathroom can change the entire mood of a room as well as the feel of the area, so many homeowners choose to update their bathrooms this way as it instantly brightens up a room. For more details on Marble Tiles, see Marble Tiles from Irwin. A popular choice for bathrooms is neutral colours like white, and grey. These neutral colours work wonders in both updating a bathroom and adding a sense of uniformity to the room that can be decorated with splashes of colour in accessories.

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Updating a bathroom should include bathroom furniture such as mirrors, cabinets and basins. These items should be updated to match the overall decor of the room, especially if the bathroom is being painted, tiled or updated. Bathroom furniture such as shelves and cabinets allow homeowners to store items such. The combination of all these items create the most stylish and organized of bathrooms.


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