Tips to Improve your Ironing

Ironing is something that is part of the laundry process, and it is the bane of many people’s lives! However, if you learn a few hints and tips, not only will you be able to reduce the time that you are ironing for, but you will also be able to enjoy better results from the ironing…

If your iron is not being cleaned as much as it should be then you are not going to be able to get the results that you want from it. The water tank of the iron can quickly get a lot of build up inside it, so empty and clean it out after each time, and also descale it regularly. The plate of the iron also needs to be cleaned regularly but remember to only do this when the iron is off! The key with cleaning is little and often – by the time you are having problems it is much harder to clean the iron.

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Larger items can be a challenge to iron. If you have a set of much-loved curtains from somewhere like this Cheltenham blinds company then of course you will want to keep them looking their best by washing and ironing them. However, if they are hanging over the side of the ironing board this is not going to give you the result that you want. Something that you can do is use a clothes horse or even dining chairs so that you can rest the curtain on it whilst you are ironing one part of it. Alternatively, ditch the ironing board altogether, place a clean towel on the dining table and iron them flat on here where there is more space.

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Many people who iron ignore the temperature setting and just put it somewhere in the middle to use on everything. However, this is there for good reason, and it is a good idea to look in the label of the item that you are ironing to ensure that you are using the correct temperature for that material. When you change the temperature on the iron, leave it for a minute or two before using it, as it can take time for the temperature on the iron to adjust to the setting.


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